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G5 Granules

Bio - Organic Fertilizers. Multi Activity Bio organic Granules.

Certified Organic Products

m8彩票官网Swaroop manufactures Certified Organic products as well as 100 % Natural Organic products as per NPOP Standards.

own formulated products

Huge response to this activity saw the launching of own formulated products and setting up of laboratory for R and D.

Manufacturing Facilities

m8彩票官网Swaroop is planning to expand manufacturing facilities through a new state of the art plant 20 km from Nasik on Mumbai -Agra National Highway.

About Swaroop Agrochemical Industries

m8彩票官网Swaroops product range now includes Micro-Nutrients, Natural And Certified Organic Growth Promoters, 100% Natural Herbal Pesticides, Speciality Inorganic Agrochemicals as well as Pesticides.


Core Valves

m8彩票官网• Trust • Innovation & Cost Effectiveness • Positive Approach & Adaptability • Purposeful Training & Self Development • Nurture & Value Relationships



Spreading prosperity amongst farming community by providing them with innovative, cost effective & quality agro inputs thereby making India self reliant in food production.



To become one of the top five leading agro input manu-facturers in the country establishing PAN India presence with the help of multilocation manufacturing facilities to cater growth till 2025.

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries

The company Swaroop Agrochemical Industries was launched by Mr. Sameer Pathare, a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai in 1993. The start-up activity was trading and re-packing of various agro chemicals and hormones useful for grape cultivation and focused area.

m8彩票 Agrochemical Products

Swaroop products are backed up by a strong R and D through in-house ANYLATICAL LABORATORY which is equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipments.

G5 Granules

G5 Granules

G 5 is an unique patented granular formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests and fungi.



Humic acid + Sea weed extract in Gel form for profuse root growth and overall plant development.



Nutrifast contains various Micro nutrients which are very necessary for plant growth. Nutrifast increases chlorophyll synthesis.

Richfert Granules

Richfert Granules

It improves the soil strata by improving the soil structure, ion exchange capacity as well as regulates the pH.

N-Grow Granules

N-Grow Granules

It reduces the dosage of Nitrogenous fertilizer by absorbing Nitogen from atmosphere & from Soil th through leaves & roots respectively.



Phytomax is a modern researched and unique product. When sprayed on leaves provides phytochemical which are part of Chlorophyll.



m8彩票官网It is scientifically derived natural bio-organic fertilizers. It is used during both vegetative and reproductive growth stages of the plants.

Bio-Organic Products

Certified by NPOP

Products certified by NPOP standard as organic by NOCA

Herbal Fungicides

Go Organic, Go Orgacart

Swaroop Agrochemical Ind. Products is now possible with online shopping.

Specialty Herbal Products

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m8彩票官网We manufactures around 50 products which find application on almost all types of Field...

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