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Nitrosil - L20

m8彩票官网Flowering Stimulant, Yield Booster & Plant Guard

Nitrosil L - 20 Unique flowering stimulant, yield booster and plant guard.

Nitrosil L - 20 is Amino acid and Phytochemicals based researched complex. It contains L - Glycine, Octadecadienoic acid and 9, 12, 15 - Octadecatrienal.
Presence of Octadecadienoic Acid and L - Glycine induces profuse flowering in plants. Due to more number of flowers, yields are increased in considerable ratio.
Nitrosil L - 20 also brings about vegetative growth and also reduces flower and fruit drop.
9, 12, 15 - Octadecatrienal is a phytochemical which forms appositional cell wall and hence resists epidermal penetration of various sucking pests as well as fungi. It also exhibits anti - microbial and anti - fungal agent.

Foliar Spray : mix 2 ml  Nitrosil L - 20 per litre water & spray thoroughly on the crops 30 days before flowering & repeat at flowering stage. For Drip : Use 1 litre per acre as per above stage.