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Swadhan N.P.K. 0:0:50

Potassium Sulphate 0:0:50

100 % Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer

  • • 100 % water soluble formula with balanced pH which helps feeding all type of crops.
  • • Its only fertilizer which makes 100 % availability of high concentration of Potash (50 %)
  • • It can be used at flowering and fruiting stages to give plenty of flowers and fruits as it do not contain Nitrogen. Hence unnecessary vegetation is avoided.
  • • It brings about best development of fruits by imparting colour and weight as well as size.
  • • Due to its unique Potassic ratio, plants develop resistance to fungi such as Downy and Powdery mildew.
  • • It increases immunity in plants and shelf life of fruits after harvest.

Dosage:-  Suitable for foliar application as well as fertigation Swadhan NPK 0:0:50 is compatible to be used with other fertilizer as well as Pesticides & insecticides.
Foliar spray: 1 kg Swadhan NPK 0:0:50 to be dissolved in 200 L water & spray for one Acre land repeat minimum twice in 10 - 12 days interval.
Broadcasting:m8彩票官网 Use 2 - 3 Kg per Acre