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m8彩票官网Effective control of Root rot, Nematode & Termites

Contents : Fruit shell oil, Caltropis , Whole Aloe, Euphorbia, Solvent

Trinash is an unique researched product effective against Root Rot, Nematodes and Termites on Horticulture crops, Vegetables and Cash crops.

Method of Usage :
Preventive Use :
1) On saplings bed before plantation.
2) Sterile the soil before plantation of saplings by regular dose of 3nash or apply after 3-4 days after the plantation of sapling & repeat after 15 days interval.

Usefulness :
Anti - fungal -
1) Kills harmful bacteria which forms fungi such as Fugerium & Pitheum
2) Kills fungi by altering protein synthesis

Kills Nematodes by fumigation & contact.

Anti - Termite
Kills Termites by contact and ingestion by affecting central nervous system

Trinash -m8彩票官网 Effective control of Root rot, Nematode & termite by herbal formulation 

Dosage - 2 to 2.5 ml per litre water