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Herbal Nematicide

Contents: Reetha Extract, CNSL, Emulsifier, Fillers, Herbal Extracts

Vetonema is A researched Herbal product effective against Nematodes. Nematodes are very difficult to manage pests as they are directly damage the plant by affecting the nutrient & water uptake. Ground symptoms of nematode infestations are similar to many Root diseases.

Mode of Action of Vetonema : Vetonema contains natural Herbal Extracts which has Systemic as well as contact action on Nematodes.

Preventive use :- Mix 3 ml Vetonema with 1 liter of water and drench near Roots.

Curative use :- Mix 5 ml Vetonema with 1 liter of water and drench near Roots. Apply as soon as primary symptoms of Nematode Infestation are noticed and repeat after 15 days. If infestation is severe then apply minimum 3 times at 8 days interval or Use 1 liter Vetonemma per Acre through Drip irrigation.

Dosage - 3 to 5 ml per litre in water